There is so much to like about barbecues in the summer. A treat for the senses as our neighbours ignite their coals, wafting the glorious smells of their summer fair throughout the village.

We love the rudimentary simplicity of barbecues, where we let the raw ingredients and the cooking take centre stage. We appreciate only a little prep in the kitchen (yes please), so we can enjoy ourselves outside in the sun (we hope), and celebrate this summer tradition fully.

So many of our pantry preserves lend themselves perfectly to a fabulously spontaneous, easy and flavoursome barbecue, complementing and enhancing your favourite ingredients. Whether it is chutney, relish or jelly, we have plenty of options to partner with favourite dishes with ease and simplicity.

Barbecued Melted Cheese Burger and Chilli Relish

The easiest way to turn a simple burger in a bun into gourmet splendour is with mature cheddar cheese slice and our Northumbrian Pantry Chilli Relish. Just cook the burger on the barbecue as usual and when ready, place the cheese on the burger and pop it into the oven until fully melted, then pop it into a bun topped off by a good helping of Chilli Relish. Delicious.

Hot Dogs and Northumbrian Red Onion Relish

This has to be our summer favourite so far this year. Super easy with hot dog or sausages alike. We recommend slicing the buns vertically as pictured, place the hot dog and then add as much Red Onion Relish as you like. Nothing else is needed, so this makes for the perfect mobile barbecue kit, great for the mini disposable versions.

Lamb Chops and Mint Jelly

Perhaps a match made in heaven? If you love barbecued lamb, then our Mint Jelly might just be your new best friend. They go perfectly together. Mint Jelly is a ‘barbecue secret weapon’. It’s not something that you would typically associate with barbecues, but it’s really quite versatile. Not only is it the lamb supremo, but it’s also great stirred in with new potatoes and fresh garden peas also.

Hannah Glasse’s Paco Lilla and barbecued sausages

Our Paco Lilla provides a taste awakening with the mustard flavours complimenting sausages exceptionally well. Turn the simple banger into something so much more exciting, with the flavour and crunchiness of the garden vegetables.

Hannah Glasse’s Paco Lilla and Pork Chops

A wonderful pairing, the mustard and turmeric flavours of our Paco Lilla work perfectly with barbecued pork. The garden vegetables; courgette, carrot, shallot and green beans provide a fresh crunchiness bringing real personality to your dish.

Feta Salad with Spiced Beetroot and Apple Chutney

This is ever so simple to make, with only mixed salad, small tomatoes and feta cheese. The saltiness of the feta, when combined with the beetroot and apple, is something special that just has to be experienced. It really is the perfect balanced pairing and a complete barbecue dish ready in minutes. We do highly recommend trying this!

What’s your favourite barbecue combination? Share your summer barbecue stories.