Northumbrian Red Onion Relish‘ is proving extremely popular since its launch earlier in the Spring. Sales have been keeping us very busy in the kitchen. With some wonderful feedback and reviews already coming in, we thought we might ponder on the ten things that we love most about it.

1. It has a secret ingredient! Well not so secret as it is on the label description, but we do add a touch of chilli flakes to each batch we make. It’s very mild, there to give just a little flavour lift. A touch of “je ne sais quoi” to give it more character.

2. We love the sweetness of red onions. Of all the varieties of the onion family, the red onion has a natural sweetness that makes it just perfect for making relish. It means the ingredients we use are very simple, and ultimately we let the onions do all the talking. Therefore, only the freshest and highest quality onions are chosen for the pan.

3. We love BBQ’s, and so does our Red Onion Relish. It really is the perfect go-to for our favourite summer event. Wonderfully versatile, and to be enjoyed by the whole family. If we were to recommend a ‘toolbox’ condiment for BBQ’s, it would be this. No need to add anything else, our ‘Northumbrian Red Onion Relish‘ is good to go with so many BBQ options.

4. Hot Dogs and Red Onion Relish. To add a touch of luxury to a simple and easy BBQ special, just add our Red Onion Relish to some freshly BB Q’d sausages placed in hot dog buns. Nothing more is needed, simple, easy and delicious.

5. Create gourmet burgers at a garden BBQ by simply adding our Red Onion Relish with some luxury mature cheddar in a fresh bun. Simple quality ingredients combined for full flavours.

6. Our Red Onion Relish is wonderfully versatile, with so many cheeses of all strengths. It works perfectly for balancing flavours, combining well with stronger blue cheeses and not overwhelming the likes of brie. The perfect ‘one size fits all’ for cheese.

7. The perfect Pizza ingredient. Combine your favourite ingredients with our Red Onion Relish to make your homemade pizzas. We were recently messaged by a wonderful ‘pantry purchaser’ who had made a ‘Northumbrian Red Onion Relish and Goats Cheese Pizza’. Bliss!

8. ‘Melted Brie on Ciabatta with Northumbrian Red Onion Relish‘. Ever so easy, simply cut the ciabatta into small pieces, top with the brie and our Red Onion Relish, then grill until melted. So simple and delicious.

9. It works well with chicken breasts on the BBQ. Simply wrap chicken breasts in tinfoil with our Red Onion Relish, then cook for a minimum of ten minutes, open the foil and brown off the chicken while using the onions as a topping. So simple!

10. It comes with a warning. It’s moreish! We’ve had more than one kind reviewer warning us how addictive Northumbrian Red Onion Relish really can be. One kind reviewer, having enthusiastically served up half a jar at a BBQ, then decided to try a teaspoonful full, only to become instantly hooked, before devouring the rest of the jar on its own. Beware.

What do you love about Northumbrian Red Onion Relish? Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your story.