With all things to consider at present, Mother Nature really has produced some splendours for us this Spring. We get very excited seeing the migratory birds arrive, and of course, the days are drawing out which is nice, but the real highlight for us as lovers of all things fruity has been the most incredible blossoms that we have seen this year. It is difficult to remember when we have seen such an explosion of flowers at this time of year. Or is it perhaps because we are just so much more aware of the natural world this year.

The National Trust has witnessed, and confirmed this also, saying that because of the mild winter and extraordinarily sunny Spring, we are seeing a bumper year for blossom. At Northumbrian Pantry, this truly brings a tremendous amount of excitement, and anticipation of what we might expect later in the year. A bumper blossom season provides for a real chance of a fantastic year for all of our favourite ingredients in the orchard including apples, pears, crabapples and damsons.

We will have to wait and see, but it certainly gives us something very positive to look forward to.

Another inspiring moment this Spring was the arrival of five of our new recipes. Already, in all our stores, they have been selling exceptionally well, especially to those lucky enough to be able to spark their BBQs in the garden. Click here to read more about our new Spring arrivals.