Our Chilli Relish has gone down a storm since we launched. It tops the charts for the most repeat orders. One family feedback even suggested that four of them will finish a whole jar over one meal… really!

So here are the ten things we love about our Chilli Relish –

1. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end… Seriously. The way we designed the recipe with cherry tomatoes, red peppers and chilli’s was to give a full and balanced flavour with a real personality.

2. Using two types of chilli, a large red chilli and a punchy Thai chilli creates a broader flavour. With just Thai chillis, it would be a little too zingy. The Thai chilli works in harmony with the tomatoes, peppers and large red chilli. We often say a 3 or 4 out of 10 in fieriness.

3. It goes with so many things! It has to be our most versatile product. When we think we know of its every use, a customer will let us know their new favourite way to enjoy it. We even know someone who loves it on its own on toast!

4. The blue coloured label is a nod to the estate colours of our neighbouring Nunwick Estate where Alice grew up. Chilli Relish is our best-seller, so we gave it this special treatment. The doors of our house and Pantry office are also in the same colour.

5. It’s perfect for a last-minute party! It’s an excellent consistency for dipping. We’ve talked to so many people who used it as a party dip over the festive period.

6. It excels in a curry or chilli con carne. With the tomato and red pepper base, you already have the perfect base along with the added chilli flavours for so many recipes.

7. It’s incredible on Jacket Potatoes along with cheddar cheese! Amazing!

8. It will raise your cheeseboard to a whole new level! The cheese should always be the main focus, our Chilli Relish truly compliments so many cheese flavours, but won’t dominate. It’s best when paired with blue or harder cheeses.

9. It’s magnificent in soups. Our favourite over the winter season has been homemade pea, ham and lentil soup with a few teaspoons of our Chilli Relish. Perfectly divine!

10. Try it with chocolate – we dare you. Best with dark 70% plus. A taste explosion. Amazing!

Have you tried our Chilli Relish? Tell us what you think! We’d love to hear your story.